Ducks in a Row

| February 7, 2011
If my previous musical experience has taught me anything it’s that experience truly is the best teacher.
That being said, I like to approach teaching in a similar way. The question remains, how can I create lessons that will allow my students to experience music right from the start of class? 
Technology is one answer. DAWs and special music software may allow students to create, listen, and share compositions almost immediatly. This opens up a variety of potential in terms of lessons and special projects. There are so many nooks and crannies, specialties and anomolies in music technologies (and music) that it’s sometimes difficult not to get carried away. There truly is so much that can be explored, engaged, and experienced and this is what we want our students to appreciate. For me personally this can, at times, prove to be overwhelming.
Ironically, this sense of being overwhelmed has allowed me to gain some clarity in my teaching. What I have learned is that a focus experience is much more powerful than a scattered one. Simultaneously, too much information or varied experience can lead to the students feeling overwhelmed.
“Well obviously!”