iPad: Hands On

| March 28, 2011
Out of the box and into your hands, it’s all about the iPad!
As for music and music education, it’s all about Garage Band.
This isn’t simply a stripped down version of Apple’s initial software, it’s a completely new incarnation. While users can still record and edit audio and MIDI tracks, Apple has added features that are simply amazing. Known as smart instruments, the Garage Band App for iPad allows users the manipulate and effect instruments including guitars, drums, and keyboards via the iPad touch screen. These smart instruments have enormous potential in education as they allow users to make music with limit prerequisite knowledge. On the other hand these smart instruments can allow students a audible understanding as they work with more traditional ways of notation and composition.
I’m planning to use this with my elementary students this week. I am interesed in finding out their opinions and feelings on digital instruments vs. traditional instruments.